Feeling Grateful

As I try to catch up after a fantastic trip to Scotland with my wife and mom, the Mackinac Island Songwriter’s Workshop, and a new computer and software (not to mention a new phone and OS), I’m feeling very grateful….grateful for the gift of friends and fans who come out to hear me perform all over the state, and to lend their support to local live music and original music as well.  

I made so many great new friends at the MISW this year (last year too), and hearing their talents and songs inspires me to be better, to write better, and to do more.

I’ve been besieged the past two years by deaths in the family (3 in the last 2 years) and everything that goes along with that…and it’s been tough to get back into being….well, me.  So, I’m striving for a lot in the next 12 months, and I’m blessed to have a lot of live performance work as well as some documentary work for scoring and other production work too.

At moments, it’s hard to remember to be thankful, and to try and regain myself creatively….but I AM.  Very much so.  I need to remind myself that everything is work in progress.  Including me.  Here’s to a better year forthcoming, with more songs, more collaborative adventures with other songwriters and musicians, and more creating, period.

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