January.  A new year.  Rebirth.  Resolutions.

The holidays were extraordinarily long this year, it seemed.  And although the weather was sketchy (very), we had good crowds over the 2-week period affectionately known by those in the hospitality business as “hell week”.  A respiratory bug failed to keep me from any of my many gigs, though, although it persists naggingly.  Wish me luck in kicking it soon.

Winter will be busy.  Very.  The Pistil Whips have started a weekly podcast called “Rep Your Set”, which can be found on any/all podcast distribution sites, including iTunes.  The podcast (which has adult language and is not recommended for younger listeners) is focused on promoting local and regional artists, musicians, writers, and creative types in general….and centers on how we stay true to our artistic visions.  It’s a great, naked insight into the mind and heart of creativity itself, as well as into many of your favorite performers and artists in northern Michigan.  Check it out by clicking on THIS.  We’re also cranking out more recordings and more videos, and booking summer gigs like crazy.  Stay tuned, and check out the website and some of our tunes by clicking on THIS.  You can also find the Pistil Whips songs on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and many other music streaming/downloading services.

Big Water Creative Arts is busy with multiple classes/workshops going for winter and spring, and we’re branching out into new geographic areas and offering new programs.  Programs starting this month include a school music program in Pellston Schools, a Community Sing program at Independence Village in Petoskey, and a special ed music class in Gaylord.  Lots more on the docket for BWCA coming later this year as well.  Check on what we’re up to by clicking on THIS.

May the coming year be one of peace, healing and prosperity for all of us, and may we all continue to grow and learn to give more of ourselves and our talents to those who need that gift.  It is that which makes us human.  We can all make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

Give and be kind.  To everyone.  Always.

Peace and love to all.