December 28, 2018


And…’s over.  Holy cow.

This year, more than any other in memory, FLEW by.  That big ol’ snowstorm on April 16th seems like yesterday (we could use some of that snow right now, actually).  And then I blinked.  And now it’s get-ready-to-do-taxes-again already.

I sincerely hope you’ve all had a wonderful year.  This was the possibly busiest year of my life, but good things, all.  Blessed with lots of work, and blessed to see Big Water Creative Arts, Inc. start to take off in a big way.  Giving is not just for this time of year, and the more you give, the more infectious it is.  I HIGHLY recommend that all of you start giving back; get involved in a local charity, whether it be a faith-based operation (Brother Dan’s Food Pantry, for instance) or an arts based organization (Big Water Creative Arts, Inc.), or simply help somebody to learn to read or swim or play chess or achieve a long-standing goal of some kind.  Visit a nursing home and adopt a grandparent.  Rescue a pet from the local Humane Society.  Bake some cookies for your neighbor.  Pay the Mackinac Bridge toll for the stranger behind you.  Pay it forward.

Giving defines us as human beings.  It separates us from the dog packs further down the evolutionary ladder, and elevates us to something more.  And God knows the world needs more giving…..of self, of knowledge, but mostly of kindness, compassion and understanding.  Keep giving.  And then raise the bar and give more.  Make the world a better place.  Do the right thing.  Always.  Imagine what would happen if we ALL did?

May 2019 be the BEST year of your life.

Peace and love to all.