November 8, 2016



Our 3rd annual Mackinac Island Songwriters Workshop has come and gone….LOTS of fun, a slightly bigger group, and some really fantastic new attendees AND instructors this year.  What a great weekend.  We’ve got a fundraiser/house concert coming up on November 19th (see below), and in 2017, many events lined up for Big Water Creative Arts, Inc., and the MISW.  More info on those as the New Year approaches.

Hoping you all get out and vote today, and let’s all pray that this election cycle has been a huge eye-opener for how dysfunctional our political system and country have become.  Let’s take this opportunity to incite change, and bring peace and civil dialogue (and compromise?) back to America.  Let’s get back to working together to BE the change we wish to see.

Happy November!!



–Forest House Concert Series:  November 19, 2016 at 8 pm.  An intimate house concert (in West Bloomfield) with myself, Michelle Chenard, Michael Crittenden, Julianne Ankley, Harold Crimson and Emilio Basa.  Proceeds go to help fund Big Water Creative Arts, Inc., and the Mackinac Island Songwriter’s Workshop.  Seating is very limited, and reservations are required, so if you’re interested in attending, please email me or PM me on Facebook and I’ll put you in touch with the hosts.  Again, seating is very limited and you MUST reserve your tickets in advance.