July 1, 2019


Finally.  The weather was a bit behind the actual solstice, but here it is.  A wonderful time of year; festivals, barbecues, watermelon, lazing on the beach, swimming in the lake……but with its share of traffic, crowds, long lines and short fuses.

The schedule is as full as I want it to be, thank goodness.  For the first time, I’m taking a few weekend nights off in an attempt to be a good husband and actually spend some time with my wife (a civilian) when she has time off (weekends and holidays).  I’ll be playing with The Pistil Whips here and there (including at Blissfest and Festival On The Bay), doing a couple of private parties with my old band (The Pete Kehoe Band), and the rest solo with an occasional duo here and there.  Check the calendar for where and when (it’s up to date through Labor Day).

So, enjoy the weather, use your turning signal when turning (for God’s sake, please??), be kind to everyone you meet, and try to chill.  It’s not the end of the world.


Summer is short. Make it a good one.

Peace and love to all.