June 2, 2018


Well, the ice has only been gone for 30 days off the bay (no kidding), but we’ve already had a couple of 90 degree plus days, followed immediately by low 50’s (of course).  Surprising?  Nah.  Par for the course up here (speaking of which, the courses are in excellent shape).

Welcome to another northern Michigan summer!

Speaking of which, my summer schedule is finally complete and posted in its entirety on the website calendar page, from now through Labor Day Weekend…and it looks to be a marvelous summer once again.  You’ll find lots of Sip N’ Sail cruises on my schedule throughout the summer and fall (mostly Friday nights), a few dates ON the island at the venerable Pink Pony and filling in occasionally on piano in the Carriage House at the Iroquois Hotel, a Blissfest performance with Michelle Chenard (Velvet Jones), and plenty of regular staples such as the Noggin Room, Cafe Sante, Bay Harbor Golf Club, Knot Just A Bar, The Inn At Bay Harbor, Bennethum’s Northern Inn, and many more familiar “up north” haunts of mine.

AND, please check out Big Water Creative Arts, Inc. on Facebook (www.facebook.com/bigwatercreativearts) and at our forthcoming website (bigwatercreativearts.org).  We’ve been growing and expanding our reach quite a bit this year (we have programs in Crawford, Emmet, Charlevoix and Oakland counties this summer), and are hosting kids’ songwriting summer programs, as well as music exploration classes for developmentally challenged adults and seniors too.  We’re hoping to expand our senior programs into multiple assisted care/independent living facilities by year’s end, as well as extend our songwriting workshops around the state as well.  Our spring fundraiser was a huge success, netting BWCA a little over $4,000 to help fund our operations and programs, and we’re hoping to host a couple more before too long.  Bringing music and music education to those who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to experience it is a wonderful thing, and we hope to continue to spread that magic that is music through BWCA.

So, happy summer, everyone!!  Be safe, drive safely, and don’t come on vacation and leave on probation….;)  Look me up if you’re visiting, and if you can’t find me performing or don’t see a gig on the calendar, I’m probably at a lake nearby with my wife and dog, enjoying a little bit of northern Michigan too.  That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?

Peace and love to all.