June 16, 2017


Peace on earth, good will toward EVERYONE.

The holidays are upon us, and again, it’s time to reflect on what’s truly important in life.  Seems as though the whole world has gone astray, and yet, I see countless acts of kindness and good every day.  Make a difference in whatever you do, in whomever you interact with.  Be kind, be generous, and help those who need it whenever you can.  It’s not too hard to make a difference in the world….and if more of us did these things on a daily basis, we wouldn’t have to worry about dropping change into a bucket while some freezing volunteer in a Santa suit swings a handbell outside a J.C. Penney.

Be kind.  Be generous.  Be helpful.  Be a friend to someone who needs it.  Spend time with the elderly.  Play with a child.  Be an example to those around you in kindness and humility.  Doesn’t matter what God you pray to, what religion you espouse, or even if you do either at all.  It’s all about being good to your fellow man and making the world a better place for others.  It’s about giving.

It’s about GIVING.

Happy Christma-Hannu-Kwaanzi-Ka, everybody! Be safe in your travels, and may you all find peace, happiness and prosperity in 2018!!